The New Horizon Bank Story

New Horizon Bank opened for business on October 7, 2009 after raising capital in one of the most difficult economic periods in history.  We were one of only 25 banks in the nation to receive a charter in 2009 compared to 165 banks opened just two years earlier.  Our founders and shareholders believed that there was and is a need for a local community bank in Powhatan.  We have an experienced staff who are excited about working in the community, serving their friends and neighbors.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of business men and women, many of whom have successfully operated businesses themselves.  Our Board is committed to providing the community with excellent banking products and services and to ensuring the safety and soundness of New Horizon Bank for the benefit of its customers, employees and shareholders.

Our Board of Directors

Members of our Board of Directors bring a wealth of common sense business experience to New Horizon Bank.  They understand how to operate successful businesses and they understand what customers are looking for in a Bank.

Dr. Julian C. Metts, Jr., D.D.S., Chairman of the Board

James F. Keller, President & Chief Executive Officer

Andrew J. Evans

H. Coleman Goodman, Jr.

Gwendolyn D. Marion

Douglas P. Reid

Ginger R. Senter

F. Edward Urbine, Jr.

Investor Relations

New Horizon Bank, National Association is a publicly owned stock company, however we are not listed on any stock exchange.  Shareholders wishing to buy or sell shares should contact Kathy Grasty at 804-302-4850 or Jimmy Keller at 804-302-4849.  The Bank will maintain a list of parties interested in selling stock which will be provided to parties interested in buying stock.  New Horizon Bank acts solely as Transfer Agent for stock of New Horizon Bank, National Association.  Nothing contained in this website is a solicitation to buy stock.  Ownership of any stock involves risk and stock of New Horizon Bank is not a deposit product and is not insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

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